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Direct composite veneers are prefabricated veneers fitted chairside with no laboratory steps involved. The main advantage is  the fact that there is very less damage/minimal removal  of the natural tooth structure. At SR dental care we use BRILLIANT COMPONEER which  are prefabricated composite shells for the aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth. This clever system combines the advantages of direct restoration with the advantages of the indirect veneering technique .

Advantages of Direct composite veneers:

  1. Single Visit. Can (nearly always) be carried out in one appointment.
  2. Little or (in many cases) no tooth preparation.
  3. Cost effective 

Any disadvantages?

  1. If a lot of tooth is missing, may not be possible to do composite veneers
  2. Longevity. Bondings typically last 5-7 years if looked after.
  3. Aesthetics. The glaze and lustre isn’t quite as high as it is with porcelain but with modern polishing systems, this is less of an issue nowadays.

Who can get composite veneers:

  • Spacing in front teeth
  • Masking of old restorations
  • Reconstruction of missing tooth structure
  • Restoration of crooked teeth
  • Lengthening incisors
  • Masking discolorations and unevenly shaped teeth
  • Corrections of anatomical malformations